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My experience working with Chelsey:
  • I was so nervous getting pictures done with my big family and you just made us all feel welcome. You were so wonderful to
    talk and encouraged my kids to be themselves! Thank y ou so mu ch for making our first photo session a success. We love
    our pictures and you have a great eye for detail in the scenery around us. ~ Aimee W.

  • Chelsey- the photos you took are absolutely beautiful! When I opened the gallery and you had the beautiful music playing
    it brought tears to my eyes! You truly captured the beauty of family memories, and I thank you for that. Excellent online
    program!! love it!! thank you ❤❤  ~ Amanda S.

  • I've ordered, re-ordered, and ordered again! They're all so amazing Chelsey! I just finally had to hit order before I drove
    myself crazy! Thank you so much for capturing such amazing moments of both of our boys for us! ~Miranda H.

  • Chelsey is awesome! Pictures aren't "posey", she always has great ideas. She's very affordable and worth every penny!  She
    also will work with you if you want changes/edits to the pictures. We highly recommend her to others!! ~ Candace K.

  • Chelsey has been taking our pictures for 6 years now, every moment in our lives has been captured by her; our
    engagement session, our wedding, our maternity pictures, our newborns and our family photos. Chelsey is amazing to
    work with. She will take any idea you have and make it magical and better than you ever expected. She is amazing with
    children as my kiddos call her "My Chelsey"; and ask when they get to see her again. She is patient and kind and full of
    love. She is professional and amazing at her work, there are times we go in and My kids are not cooperating at all but she
    captures the most beautiful moments that I now get to treasure for life! Thank you Chelsey for always capturing the truly
    magical and beautiful moments of my crazy beautiful family. ~ Aleah J.

  • Chelsey is so good with children. I have four children (3, 5, 11, 14), and she easily gets all of them to smile at the same time.
    The whole experience is positive and the pictures are everything we wanted. I highly recommend her to others!! ~ Jessica C.

  • You have a way with my boys and their pictures are always so cute!! I appreciate it! ~ Darla M.

  • Just was lookin at old pics and wanted to let u know that u are an amazing photographer there isn't a picture u have ever
    taken of my family that I didn't like. :) ur skills have definitely grown but still looking back at my wedding pics I love em
    and wouldn't change a thing. Thanks for capturing my family's life from the day we became a family <3 can't wait for many
    more pics as my boys grow :) ~ RayAnne C.

  • The first time I looked at the pictures I had to walk away before I bawled!! It took me hours to go through them...we are
    super happy with them. I had pictured the one of me and Jason in my mind and seeing it was awesome, it was better than I
    imagined! ~ Kristen W.

  • Chelsey is absolutely amazing to work with. She makes you feel so comfortable and is able to capture amazing pictures even
    of kids on the move. I always recommend her every chance I get. She has been a part of our family going on seven years
    now. She has become such a big part in capturing our memories and never ceases to amaze me. ~ Jen D.

  • Our experience working with Chelsey is the best we have ever had. Seeing Chelsey take such pride, devotion,
    consideration, and love, in not only her photography, but as her clients makes, she makes us feel comfortable and we are
    able to rely on her.  My husband and I welcomed our son, Jackson in April, yet becoming a mom was exciting and nerve-
    wracking all at once. When we had our newborn session, first thing Chelsey informed us, with a smile and sympathy, was
    that her studio welcomes breastfeeding and if anything makes us uncomfortable, to let her know. Jackson had cried a few
    times during the session and each time I was able to breastfeed him, calm him down, then hand him back to Chelsey so she
    could continue with the session. Not once did we feel uncomfortable as she guided us through what we needed to do for
    poses and give an explanation why. Another wonderful part of having Chelsey as our phenomenal photographer, is that
    she has stories to tell about her family who she adores and is absolutely proud of! Anytime we have walked into the studio
    she always has a big smile to greet us with!  Chelsey is an extraordinary photographer and an incredible person. ~ Kelsey P.

  • Chelsey has taken our family photos for five years now, and over the years she has become a member of the family to us.  
    She puts her whole heart into everything she does, and always does an amazing job. Chelsey always keeps things fun and
    lighthearted, and the beautiful pictures that we receive really reflect that. ~ Jennifer H.

  • We have done a variety of sessions with Chelsey, a couple of my favorites have to be the fairy tale session, which she made
    accommodating for my boys.  The hot air balloon with my youngest was also was amazing.  She is continually coming up
    with new ideas/props and is a pleasure to work with. ~ Diana D.

  • They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Chelsey has captured some of the best photos of my family. I look forward
    to each new session to capture more. Chelsey has new ideas each time and is always willing to try any ideas we have as well.
    She treats her clients like family and always goes above and beyond. Me and my family truly love her! ~ Jodene M.

  • Chelsey has been capturing my families photos for sometime now.  From our engagement session, to our wedding,
    maternity session and now taking photos of our little girl. She is always creative and professional. She has captured many
    incredible and priceless moments for us. Chelsey will be taking pictures of my family for years to come. We just love her. ~
    Jillian J.

  • Chelsey was able to capture our most precious times, some of which at the hardest time of our lives. Each time she was
    compassionate, trustworthy and patient. These keepsakes are being treasured for a lifetime! You are amazing, Chelsey & I
    can't thank you enough for not only being an amazing photographer but also an amazing friend. ~ Karen F.

  • My husband and I came to Chelsey for photos for our first anniversary as we had been unhappy with our wedding photos
    shot by another photographer. Chelsey made us feel comfortable from the moment we met her; from that session on, it has
    never been a question as to who will photograph us through the highlights of our life. She has documented both of my
    pregnancies, both of my boys as newborns, and through their first years. She takes the time to get to know you and tailors
    her services to you/your family taking in to consideration your desires and her professional knowledge. We love you,
    Chelsey! ~ Mallory U.

  • Chelsey is amazing! We started out with a maternity shoot from a referral and haven't stopped since! I'm always looking for
    excuses for a session...she's open to suggestion, but there will be very few as she is so creative! She is accommodating and
    VERY patient. I feel like my little guys photos need to be entered in a contest!! There are so many great ones my wall is
    plastered because I can never choose just one. ~ Miranda H.

  • Chelsey has such a relaxing studio. You walk in and there is such organization yet flexibility in her process. You are always
    greeted with a smile.I highly recommend Chelsey, especially when working with newborn and children. She is very patient,
    relaxed and fun! She has been able to capture the life of my family from my graduation, engagement, wedding, maternity,
    newborn and family pictures. Wouldn't choose anyone else! ~ Miranda J.

  • I honestly can't say enough good about Chelsey. I was reluctant to do maternity photos but with a package deal ended up
    doing them. She made me feel beautiful and was so considerate that I was feeling uncomfortable. She has done a few family
    sessions and always manages to capture true personality in my kiddos and snap family pics even when the 3 little ones won't
    listen! She documented my little girls first year and I am so grateful for her photography skills but I also felt like she was
    family when we were done. You are the best at what you do Chelsey! ~ Angela M.
  • I've known Chelsey for my whole life, she has always been a great
    family friend. She is kind, caring, and just an all around great person
    to be around! She has taken pictures of our family throughout the
    years! And she does such a great job! And she makes you feel
    comfortable! I would recommend her to everyone! ~ Shai R.

  • Chelsey's photos are simply perfection. We have had Chelsey do
    everything from engagement to our wedding and now she is our
    daughters photographer. She's so amazing she takes the time to get
    to know you and will brainstorm ideas for every single session. One
    time she even set up a photo like one I had pinned on Pinterest!
    Chelsey is more than just your photographer, she becomes a dear
    friend. There's no one I would recommend higher than her to
    capture our special moments. I truly cherish every picture we have
    and I love going to the studio where we're greeted with a warm
    welcome and big smile! We love you, Chelsey, thank you for
    everything! ~ Orlena P.

  • Her photo packages smell like cinnamon! I mean enough said!  ~
    Ashley E.

  • Chelsey's professionalism during the photo shoot and until client
    closure was appreciated. Our feedback & suggestions were welcome.
    Her creative artistic talent showed in the photography. She designed
    and personalized 5 family photo books for individuals.  We made no
    changes to any of them.  We were all impressed with her
    photography and we strongly recommend her services. ~ Shirley W.

  • Chelsey is so wonderful to work with. She is also amazing with our
    kids. She makes the experience so fun and relaxed, even with two
    small children. My girls were both so comfortable with her from the
    minute they met her. Chelsey always has unique ideas and goes
    above and beyond to capture the perfect picture. Thanks so much
    Chelsey! ~ Yvonne F.

  • From accommodating our requests with personal props and outfits
    to being very collaborative - each session is unique with Chelsey.
    Her patience with not only my baby but also with me as the nervous
    mom was outstanding! The gallery was prompt and I have had so
    many amazing compliments on our session, I plan to use Chelsey in
    the future for all our portraits! We purchased a canvas for my son's
    nursery from the session and will cherish it for years to come. ~ Kyla
Client Love.